Company Overview & Opportunity

Luminess DS, LLC “Luminess Beauty”, is a Houston-based direct selling company that creates flexible business opportunities for beauty lovers! Our industry leading Airbrush systems and full line of skin care and cosmetics is available exclusively online and through our Independent Beauty Consultants.

As a Luminess Beauty Consultant, you are an independent contractor who decides how much time you want to invest in developing your own home based business and you are eligible to be a part of our amazing growing beauty community and earn monthly commissions based on sales volume.

Earn up to 40% Retail Commission from Personal Sales

Independent Beauty Consultants earn up to 40% commission on all personal sales based on Personal Qualified Volume (PQV) from Beauty Bars, via their personal websites or individual orders.

Independent Beauty Consultants earn commission and are eligible for monthly Bonuses. Independent Beauty Consultants earn team sales commissions on the sales of Consultants they sponsor to their team. The commission percentage earned depends on Rank.

Average Annual Earnings of Paid Independent Beauty Consultants

The chart below reflects the average aggregate earnings from all Paid Independent Beauty Consultants each month who received a payout from Luminess in 2018.

*Based on monthly average commissions paid in 2018 for Paid Consultants at each Career level. Luminess Beauty defines an active consultant as someone who submit $1 in personal Sales Volume in given time period.

Earnings & Commissions

The Luminess Beauty Compensation Plan is based on product sales. Independent Beauty Consultants cannot earn income on recruitment or sponsoring of other Stylists. Not all Independent Beauty Consultants are qualified to receive commissions each month. The data in the chart above represents the average commissions paid in 2018 to Independent Beauty Consultants who qualified to receive commissions each month. “Paid Independent Consultants” include Independent Beauty Consultants who sold at least $1 in a given month during 2018. There is no guarantee that any Independent Beauty Consultant will earn any income. The success of each Independent Beauty Consultant depends on individual skills and personal level of commitment.

For further details about the Luminess Beauty Compensation Plan, speak to an Independent Beauty Consultant or call Customer Care at 1-844-624-7377.