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Over 90% of skincare doesn't make it past the surface. Let's fix that.

The LUMINESS BREEZE Airbrush Skincare system dramatically enhances your skincare routine by using clinically proven technology to transform concentrated liquid serums into a micro droplet mist. This mist is then precisely propelled directly onto your skin where the active ingredients can be absorbed and deliver results. Discover the difference of air delivered skincare from the industry leading makers of airbrush technology for over 25 years.

How it Works

Just add a few drops of concentrated serums into the BREEZE Skincare device. When you pull back the trigger, air combines with the serum and propels it towards our specially designed nozzle which pressurizes the serum transforming it into a micro droplet mist 7X times smaller than a human hair. This micro droplet mist is then propelled towards the skin using the power of air. The result are skin care formulas that are significantly better and more quickly absorbed by the skin resulting in: Reduced skin irritation, decreased amounts of skincare that is wasted, and higher concentration active ingredients absorbed.

Clinically Proven Results

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In a clinical study designed to evaluate the hydration of skin immediately after application and 24 hours later using the BREEZE Airbrush Skincare vs. using fingers to apply the same concentrated formula:

BREEZE dramatically increased the skin hydration immediately and 24 hours after application

100% of participants in the study had improvement in skin hydration

BREEZE delivered 2X More Hydration compared to the same formula applied using fingers alone.


Clinical Strength + Clean Skincare Formulas

LUMINESS Airbrush Skincare combines clinical strength actives in a clean and water rich formulation. Unlike traditional serums which contain ingredients to thicken and suspend skincare actives causing them to sit on the surface of the skin - our water thin formulas deliver both concentrated active ingredients and essentials directly into your skin.

Using airbrush technology, these clinical strength actives are introduced into the skin via high-velocity micro droplet spray particles. The result is faster and more critical absorption of ingredients and water. Because the skin absorbs them faster, we can utilize higher concentrations of active ingredients will less irritation.

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About Our Skincare

Developed by leading skincare formulators and reviewed by Dermatologists for performance and efficacy, every LUMINESS skincare formula is designed with the highest quality and safety standards and have been vigorously tested for skin compatibility.

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Personalize Your Skincare Routine With

Skincare Serums

Each LUMINESS Airbrush Skincare formula contains a combination of skin beneficial, ingredients, but focus on a high-concentration of a singular active in gredient. Formulas can be combined into the LUMINESS Airbrush System for a truely personalized Skincare Regimen.

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Consumer Tested | Lab Approved

Clinically Proven to Improve Hydration

Compared to applying the same formula by hand, BREEZE Airbrush Skincare doubled skin hydration in a clinical study when using the same concentration of hyaluronic acid. Using airbrush, skincare formulas deliver actives into skin using high velocity spray particles, resulting in faster absorption, allowing for higher concentration of active ingredients.

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What are Airbrush Skincare Formulas Made of?

Airbrush Skincare feature water-based formulations with concentrated skincare active ingredients that have been expertly designed to provide you with optimal absorption with less sensitivity. Each formula is tested for efficacy, safety and are dermatologist reviewed.

How do I apply Airbrush Skincare using my Airbrush device?

1. Start by adding just a few drops of your chosen skincare into the product well at the top of the device and close the lid.

2. Close your eyes and feel the air coming out of your airbrush device which will guide your application.

3. Gently pull back on the device trigger to release the serum and mist onto the skin while moving in a circular motion.

4. Once you’ve completed your application, simply add a few drops of water into the product well and pull back fully on the trigger to clean your device.

How do I properly clean the Stylus after skincare application?

1. Add 8 drops of Tip Top Cleaning Solution, warm water or alcohol. Activate cleaning mode by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button until LEF lights turn on for about 5 seconds.

2. Place finger over nozzle and gently pull trigger for 8-15 seconds for small bubbles to appear.

3. Pull back trigger to heavy setting to flush out product onto a tissue or into a sink.


How do I switch attachment heads?

1. Turn airbrush head to the left to release from the base.

2. Lift airbrush head from base in an upward motion to remove.

3. Align airbrush head to the right to lock into place.

Can I apply makeup using my device?

Yes your airbrush skincare device can be used with many of our other attachments including our Haircare Stylus, Makeup Stylus and our Micro-Needler Attachment.