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New from the beauty innovators at Luminess Air, our waterproof airbrush Makeup sealant This Makeup Sealant has been specially formulated for serious stay power; waterproof, sweat proof,  and tear proof which means no melting, no cracking, no fading or transferring. Designed to keep your flawless look in place for up to 18 hours. Stay picture perfect all day! 

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

I love the waterproof sealant. It definitely lives up to its name. It does help to keep that freshly done look all day even when in the pool for hours & the humidity is beyond high. If it can keep my makeup looking fresh during the Alabama summers, it can conquer any season anywhere.

 Anna Tan

Tested at a water park. Worked like a charm from 10am til 4pm and then some with non stop splashes and waterfalls. Amazing. Fair warning to rinse it out ASAP and thoroughly too. It’ll clog your gun if you’re not careful!

 Elba Robinson

Love how it makes my face feel so refreshing and it helps keep my makeup all day in place


This sealant is AMAZING. I wear it more for special occasions and it has never let me down!

 Brooklyne Romine

I don’t know if it’s how good the quality of this makeup is or this spray but my makeup does not move all day!!


This make up sealant definitely seals! I go work out and my make up stays! I love it.

 Rebecca Neal

As a makeup artist that's been in the industry for over 10 years this is by far the best setting spray I've ever found!

 Sara C

If you're not using this I don't know what you're doing! The smell, the refreshing mist and the 24 hour + lasting hold! I mean come on! Do yourself a favor!!

 Alison Swonger

This stuff is amazing! I can definitely tell when I done use it.. my make up lasts all day and doesn't come off on my phone or sunglasses! It is great during the summer when things get sweaty!


This is my must have for warmer weather. Keeps my foundation flawless


This setting spray is amazing! Not only does it smell good it works to keep my makeup in place all day with no touch ups. My favorite thing is how it seems to blend all the products together to make a flawless face and I swear it somehow adds a natural glow to my skin.


I love this product. It is a great makeup setter that helps makeup to last throughout the day but the spray comes out of the nozzlle not as a fine-mist as expected but as if it's on a jet spray setting. Instead of an even application it sprays way too much in one area when nozzle is pressed lightly. If Luminess would change the spray pattern this stuff just might dominate the makeup setting spray products available today. It's that good! My review would be unequivocally 5 stars if this product sprayed better.

 Megan Trawick

This is my Holy Grail 100% Must have for not only special occasion but everyday use to prolong & keep your make up looking fresh all day long whether you're at the beach or at work. It holds up under normal-harsh weather conditions & tears & sweat. Totally breathable just like the entire Luminess Line. Works with all brands of Airbrush & Traditional makeup that is Waterbased. Always use the same base (water, oil, alcohol) as your makeup for your primer finishing spray & for Airbrush users stylus cleaner as well. We are all Waterbased at Luminess Airess. Shop with me! #maineairess

 Susan Y

This is quite possibly the best product Luminess Air has come up with. And that is saying something. All Luminous Air products are the very best on the market. But this one is the icing on the cake. Literally. After I put this on my face is finished. It really does keep your cosmetics on through a long hot day. I recently used it for a wedding that was held outdoors. It lasted from 2pm until well after 10pm. All of my makeup stayed perfect though out the day. It didn't run, smear, melt or otherwise destroy my makeup. Believe me, if you buy it you too will love it.

 Lori Bishop

Awesome product! My makeup now lasts all day & actually survives my hot flashes!! Love it!!