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You exercise the rest of your body; why aren’t you exercising your skin? The Conture Skin Toning Device is an anti-aging beauty device that tones skin to restore radiance and firmness to the three main areas: décolleté, eye area, forehead and everything in between.

The original Conture Skin Toning Device features three treatment programs, each uniquely designed for the face, neck or delicate areas. Use this device in conjunction with Kinetic Treatment Serum to restore radiance and firmness to your décolleté, eye area, forehead and everything in between.

The Conture 3-Speed is a painless and non-invasive anti-aging device, to be used twice daily to help restore radiance and firmness to tired and aging skin. 
• Quickly and easily improves the appearance of aging skin 
• Gently stimulates and tones skin
• Painless and non-invasive, can be done in the comfort of your own home

Clinical Results:
In an 8-week clinical study, women using Conture twice daily saw improvements in:
• 90% radiance and luminosity
• 84% smoothness and evenness
• 81% lift in facial skin
• 78% fine lines and wrinkles 
• 78% facial firmness 
*Based on an 8-week clinical study with Conture

How it Works:
The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System utilizes Isometric Compression combined with Low Frequency Vibrations to gently stimulate and tone skin for a more youthfullooking appearance. This technology is similar to those used, and once only available, by professionals in med-spas and skin centers. Used daily, the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System has been clinically shown to enhance the appearance and absorption of skin. The result? Overall signs of aging, dull and tired-looking skin are improved and skin is left feeling and looking radiant and more youthful.

After priming cleansed skin with Kinetic Treatment Serum, turn on Conture device and place on skin, ensuring connection is secure. After device pulses 3-5 times, gently slide to treat next section, slightly overlapping with previous section. Moving in an upward motion towards the top of the face, repeat until entire section has been treated. Treat one area at a time, working device over cheeks, jawline, forehead, neck, etc. independent of each other. Use once or twice daily for best results along with Kinetic Treatment Serum morning and night.
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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews
 Betsy duncan

Wonderful product!!!! The best ever!! No worry about electrical shock, totally effective. I use it 3 to 4 times a week. I am shocked when the guys who ask me out are ALWAYS in their 50s. The last one asked if he was too old for me I am 72 years old.


I am 72 yrs old and have used conture facial massage for close to 10 yrs. EVERYONE IS SHOCKED WHEN I GIVE MY AGE! MEN TELL ME I look at least 20 yrs younger. They just don't believe it is due to Conture, which it totally is. Until they see the varicose veins in my legs, everyone thinks my daughter is my sister. BEST PRODUCT EVER!!


Conture works pretty good if you continue to use it. It would be better if it didn't need to be used twice daily or at least had a maintenance program once you've reached optimal results. If you have the time and the patience I'd say give it a try!


it is a great devise I am 59 Imy daughter told you don't have any line help my face to firm better I am using 1time and does a good job 5 stars


I recently started using my Conture 3-Speed Device and am obsessed with the results. I sit in front of the TV and use my Conture each night. It's so easy to use and painless, and I've noticed a lot more brighter skin, even after just a few weeks. Would highly recommend.


63 year old male here. Hoping to arrest some-what the neck/facial skin breakdown.One week in use and hopeful from what I see.

 Joan Crunk

I had the family gobble-neck, andthought the only way to change my sagging neck wzs to have a neck lift like my girlfriends Mother had. BUT, aftertrying my neighbors Conture , the Change was Incredible!!!!! I have justbought onefor myself, and gone is the Gobble neck, crows feet and a $10,000.00 neck surgery. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. All I can say is believe the commercial and Order yours RIGHT NOW!!!! Joni Crunk


I haven't used this product a lot, but every time I use it, I am astonished. It works wonders and I can tell the difference that I look younger each time I use it.