Introducing Luminess ICED

The Ultimate Frozen Skincare Revolution

Where innovative skincare meets the refreshing power of ice.

The Ultimate Frozen Skincare Revolution

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Elevate Your Beauty with the Benefits of Skin Icing

Hydration, radiance, and vitality

Clinically Proven Formulas

Our groundbreaking line of skincare formulas are designed to elevate your beauty routine with the rejuvenating benefits of skin icing.

ARCTIC DRENCH: Hydrating & Plumping
GLACIAL GLOW: Skin Refining & Brightening
FROSÉ: Soothing & Refreshing

Harnessing the power of cold therapy

Radiance in 1, 2, 3

Elevate your beauty with the rejuvenating benefits of skin icing.



Take individual treatments and place in freezer in single layer for at least 24 hours or until product is fully frozen.

Step two


Once frozen, cut along the top of the treatment and squeeze gently to lift the ICED treatment out of the packet and into the silicone holder.



Massage onto skin while focusing on areas of puffiness or dryness. Excess or melted product can be rubbed onto skin post treatment.