Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Rewards Program?
You must create an account online ( in order to join the Rewards Program.
How do I ensure I am getting my earned points?
You should login prior to completing a purchase, reward points will be available 24 hours after purchase. Only the actual charged amount will be rewarded. Payment plans will deposit rewards at each respective charge.
Do I get rewards for entering my birthday?
You will receive a reward for your birthday as long as your birthday is entered on your Rewards account.
What are the 3 Rewards Levels?
  • Tier 1: Luminista
  • Tier 2: Loyalist
  • Tier 3: Legend
Can I redeem my points in conjunction with a promo-code?
Yes, reward points can be used at the same time as a promo code.
When will my points be available?
Typically you will see your points, according to the amount you were charged approximately 24 hours after the transaction occurred. For payment plan option, you will only see the points for the amount you were charged, and will receive future points once those payments are applied.
What happens if I return a purchase?
If your order is returned and refunded, any points earned from the purchase will be removed from your account within 24 hours.
Do Points Expire?
Points expire after one year of inactivity. To keep points, you must earn more points within a year or redeem them.