Consumer tested and proven results



According to participants in a three week consumer perception study using Kinetic Smooth Hair Remover & Skin Polisher:

agreed that Kinetic Smooth effectively removed hair

agreed that Kinetic Smooth painlessly removed facial & body hair

agreed that hair did not grow back thicker or darker

Sonic Hair Removal Technology

Rotating at 50,000 pulses per minute, the blades painlessly cut unwanted hair at the base limiting dark stubble regrowth.


Painless & Effective

The Diamond Cut Stainless Steel blades and safety guard ensure safe, painless, and effective hair removal with no nicks, cuts, or painful waxing.

Mineral Soft Maximum Smooth

The natural based mineral polishing head allows for gentle but effective of surface layer dead skin cells while revealing smoother, brighter more youthful looking skin

16 Diamond Cut Sonic Blades

16 Diamond Cut Sonic Blades

16 Diamond Cut Sonic Blades Ultra Sonic Technology combines with the power of a stainless deal, diamond-cut dual-blade precision rotatory system to provide close, comfortable hair removal anywhere unwanted hair grows

Convenient Replacement Heads

Convenient Replacement Heads

Multi-Use, Multi-Function Design provides for effective multiple results from skin smoothing to skin cleansings.